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"Not So Fast Rover" Demonstration

TIRED OF YOUR DOG PULLING YOU ON A LEASH? Is your dog leash reactive? Is your dog leash aggressive? Does your dog like to chase squirrels, dogs, or cars? THIS IS YOUR ANSWER!

How To Put "Not So Fast Rover" On

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I am a woman owned, hand made in the USA business. I created "Not So Fast Rover" One Size Fits All No Pull Head Halter in 2010. I was discovered by one of the Guide Dog Schools, who was interested in trying it out. Everyone loved it! I went on to tell all the other Guide/Service Dog Training Facilities in the United States and I have every one of them as a client!!!






Thank You For Choosing Us!

Pet Wise Products is excited to bring you the best overall experience for both you and your dog while walking on a leash. We are committed to your satisfaction and are eager to help anyone having challenges getting their dogs to walk nicely on a leash. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Take a break from training. "Not So Fast Rover" can be switched to a slip lead or a snap lead in an instant, without taking it off.
All dogs love it! Dogs love the fact that we use soft, comfortable rope that is lightweight and doesn't create continual pressure to their noses.
I'm a happy dog! Yes, I can open my mouth, let my tongue hang out, bark, pant, eat, and best of all, smile!

About Us

My name is Liz Bucalo. I am from Long Island and fostered hundreds of dogs. They mostly came from Southern states and most had never seen the inside of a house. While I do basic training with foster dogs, I am not a full time trainer. While fostering hundreds of dogs, I did my best to get them as manageable as possible so they had the best chance at getting adopted. The first time I used a "Gentle Leader" I was surprised by what a terrible design it is. First, you have to adjust it to make it fit on your dog's head, and, if you wanted to use it on multiple dogs, you would have to resize it every time. Most dogs automatically dislike having something on their face. They try to pull it off with their paws or rub it off on something. This is not a good time to be adjusting your equipment. I immediately came up with a better design than "Gentle Leader" I knew of a soft, yet very strong rope that is used for horse lead shanks, bridle and halter pieces. The fact that the Gentle Leader is attached underneath the dog's head (like a horse halter would) makes it automatically flawed. Horses heads are above your shoulder and dog's heads are usually a little above, at, or a little below your knees. This makes your leash connection to your dog farther away from the handler, and when the dog pulls, the Gentle Leader merely turns you dog's head by his snout in order to control him. Gentle Leader is also made from a flat nylon webbing that rides up under dog's eyes and can dig into their faces. "Not So Fast Rover" comes out behind your dog's head so that when they pull, the rope tightens and slows them down in a straight line. The handler has complete maneuverability to stop, change direction, change sides and back up. You can't do that with a Gentle leader without stopping, and walking in front of your dog to re-position yourself. This is very inconvenient.

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